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Creative Worship and Arts

At Legacy, we get together each week to praise and worship The One who is our source of life, love, healing, and salvation.   Anyone can praise God, and anyone can be praised – but our God is the only One that is worthy of ALL of our praise.  We gather together to remember His faithfulness and to declare that He alone is worthy of our praise. When we gather at Legacy, we find that our praising of God will often lead us into a moment of worship where our hearts meet with our Father’s heart.  When we enter those moments of connection with our Father, we find communion with Him and our lives are impacted and changed.


As we praise our Father and connect with Him through worship, His passion for victory and redemptive love is expressed through a variety of means.  At Legacy you will experience and be encouraged to participate through music, art, video, drama, teaching  and testimonies; in both old and new forms.  We try to involve multiple senses because we believe that every sense, every emotion, every experience can be an opportunity to praise and open windows to meet with and worship God in a new way.  We value an atmosphere where everyone can encounter the living God and anyone can minister to His heart through our many expressions of praise and worship.


Using biblical foundations for praise and worship, we find the following principles. While these are commitments, they are neither a burden or duty. This represents our joyful privilege and response to the grace that God, through the redemptive work of Jesus, heals, saves, leads and liberates each of us.

  • We were created to worship God, and God alone

  • We were created to worship together

  • We are transformed by our worship of God

  • We offer ourselves in worship to The One who is greater than ourselves

  • As we worship we will see transformation in the world. Worship is not separate from our daily life; rather, it is a lifestyle that honors God here and now

  • We worship through our confession that Jesus is Lord

  • We abandon pretense and pride in the declaration of our praise

  • Before Him, we praise and worship freely​

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